Modernizing Investor Onboarding

Intelligent Subscription Technology

Onboarding investors is the essential last step in the fundraising cycle and no longer has to be so cumbersome for you and your investors. AltConnect’s technology modernizes the investor onboarding experience, saving time and lowering cost.

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Online Efficiency

Invite investors to securely access offering documents and capture complete and accurate subscriptions all within one platform. Full visibility of the investor on-boarding enables real-time progress tracking and proactive communication.


Modern Investor Experience

A fully customized subscription wizard guides your investors through onboarding, simplifying a complicated process in an intuitive manner while ensuring all legal representations are met.


Saving Time & Money

By reducing incomplete and inaccurate subscriptions and automating review with customized alerts, time spent with follow ups and lawyers is drastically reduced.



Secure Data Room

Our Investor Portal provides a secure data room for collaboration between managers and investors.

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Your data is secure and encrypted, and as the central repository for all onboarding documents, allows for seamless integration for CRMs and other platforms.


  • Access restricted folders
  • Fully customizable data room layout
  • Document request and investor document upload
  • Auditing and reporting

Investor Tracking & Collaboration

Our online platform enables managers to track investors in real time.

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You can track their progress and capital commitments, collaborate with your team or fund administrators and easily access and export documents from one easy online location.


  • View Subscription Progress
  • Review Completed Subscriptions
  • Track Investor Amounts
  • Securely Store and Share Documents

Intelligent Subscription Wizard

Our intelligent subscription wizard guides new investors through the on-boarding process.

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The subscription wizard ensures investors see only relevant questions while also allowing them to complete tax forms, upload supplementary documents and electronically sign and submit their subscription package.


  • Elegant, modern design that is Intuitive and streamlines experience for investors.
  • Fully configurable questionnaire ensures all requirements are met.

Saving Time & Money

A central repository replaces the cumbersome array of spreadsheets, emails, and scanned documents.

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The AltConnect platform drastically reduces your time and money spent on follow-ups and lawyer calls by automating the review process with customer alerts and minimizing incomplete and inaccurate subscriptions.


  • Data is fully encrypted with complete audit and access control.
  • Seamless integration into downstream platforms and processes.

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